Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stampin up!

Well, I joined the Stampin' Up! company and took off to Dallas,Tx for their 2013 Regional meet.....I will say that it was a total hoot! Several of my girlfriends went also, so that just made for a great time if anything. I had a migraine, body ache really bad and it was super cold (to me) but I had to suck it up and persevere.Where crafty things happen, there is no time for feeling like CROPPY. We ate good food, got little sleep and laughed up a storm!

We drove in earlier today and now I am just tired. It's back to the grind tomorrow so I will have to post pics of our nights and here are some of the cards I made to swap with the ladies there....ToTaL fun!
Enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow! (after all is said and done on the home front) <3 p="">

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Lora ~

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