Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello March!

Gosh be darn! I got  busy and forgot to come back....ha! NO, really I've just been busy. It seems like I start something and think" oh, I'll come back later  or tonight and finish"....doesn't happen although I have every intention. Home, kids and work take all my time lately. I didn't post much for February, but I'm still here. I have plans all the time, but I'm just waiting for some scrappy time so I can PlAy! I just want to PlAy!( I sound like the kids don't I?) heehee

Jordan started softball and it's been go,go,go. I've signed up for team mom and that is fun! Don't know all about softball,but I do know all about fru fru.  ;P 

I've got a busy weekend ahead and hope the weather is just beautiful! Have yourself a happy Thursday!

Lora ~
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