Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December & 2009 ....almost gone!

The year has flown by...where did it go? I bet nobody knows.....I surely don't. It flew soooo fast. I guess people aren't kidding when they say it goes by fast as you get older.I'm not ooooold, but I'm older and old enough to know it goes by fast. It's been a good year. I've had all I needed and more, we have food and are warm, have love and friends....oh yeah, and scrapbook stuff! I so love the thought of a NEW year,but am sad at the same time to know my kids are a year older. i just want them to stay they'll still tell me how much they love me stretching their arms, so i won't seem like an old fogey to them, so they can still fit in my bed to snuggle buggle,so they just don't have to face the horrors of the ever erroding world.....oh geesh, time flies! Here are some of my years moments and creations....I truly hope that you and your families are blessed beyond measure in 2010 and so forth.Have a safe and ever-so-wonderful New Year!-Lora
jordy's lego tree

Cody n parker

Family time

Halloween Fun!

Turning 9!

It's been a greeeeeat year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days til Christmas!

My throat has been hurting...
I just wrapped some presents...
went to the store and forgot mostly what I went for...

This sets my mood eh? I am not feeling so great,but want to wish you all a Merry Christmas at the very least. I really need to get on the ball with my scrappin' but December is such a busy month. Lorin's B-day,my B-day,Christmas and then BAM! a new year.....
Isn't that wierd how time just breezes by? I think so.
We're told it should be cold...freezing cold....then it's gonna be sunny....nice and sunny. I give. In South Texas you just have to see how it will turn out cause it's not always predictable. Whatever it is, I don't want rain. My yard looks like crap and so much worse when it rains. The cold I can handle ................somewhat. If you're here, thanks for stopping by and please say some prayers for my is sick, the other has cancer and one more is finding out about a sickness at MD Anderson soon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here I am....

o.k I was last here on my Birthday...I know,I know- I need to improve still.BUT on the contrary, it is December...There is so much going on right now.
I've got some Christmas cards done....

I am just about ready for Christmas...All these gifts and they are so not wrapped. I don't usually wait so long but it's been a doozie of a year. Just to think, it will be 2010 sooner than you or I can imagine! Where does time go? It just goes too fast. I have done a few of my Design Team challenges they are

I will be back tomorrow to post some things I am determined to make
Hope you have a nice day as I am off on Friday! yay!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bad Girl....

I have been a bad girl. I have not been posting like I want /plan to all the time. I think it's just that time of year and not to mention, I am usually busy. BUT today is my b-day and I wanted to just quickly note that I am thankful to have made it one more year. I feel like frogger sometimes.(yes the game) I'm always trying to take on too much and go,go,go....but don't get me wrong.....I love to be busy. We're going out to eat with the familia tomorrow since I worked tonight....Chili's here we come.
I took some pics of my hubby's best friend and his little family. It took me about 10 minutes to shoot the pics and they came out real  good..I'll post a few tomorrow!nite nite

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Happy Turkey Day!

Today I am thankful for all the Blessings I have been given.
my son,my daughters and my husband and family.I have been blessed and Thank my God. I pray for a peaceful world, to know when to let things go,to not say ugly words,to do right,be a good person,help others in any way possible and to be positive everyday of my life. If you are here, I hope that God will continue to Bless you and yours as well.
May your day be filled with love and the company of family and friends. Help someone out today and make it a habit, if even the smallest token. Nothing can be better than helping another person. Good night and God Bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back at home!

I made it back home this evening! woo hoo! I was glad to see my little family here relaxing.
I had so much fun at my friend JoAnn's Birthday crop party. We cut up all night Friday and Saturday too. Here are some pics of the fun photo shoot.....

This is JoAnn....

I made a few little projects....our make n' take was a blast. It was such a fun project. we made a fan like booklet with pics from the day.It was so cool that we all used the same pics and made them all different. They all came out really nice. Here is mine. This is the jewelry box it sits in...

This is the actual little mini album we decorated....

I also managed to make a cute little Christmas garland,but I gotta embellish it up once I know where  I am putting it up at!

I had fun making it and plan to use it soon...Only a week til Thanksgiving
made a cute little chipboard album to put precious little photos of my little family! It is so easy to make little albums to look at and enjoy the memories! They are simple and so fun getting to embellish them. For me, that is the fun part!

I have a busy week,so I am hoping to get some scrappy time sometime! Hope you all have a good week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My God is great!

I couldn't wait to get home to post this. I needed to have clear and calm head as well..
..It is amazing to me how God presents us with amazing little things that just mean the world.( to me , anyhow)
 Let me start from the beginning.
I work at Hobby Lobby about 1 ,sometimes 2 days a wk or month.depending. Anyhow, I go in today and work is going. Catching up on the latest, checking the store out ,all is good.  It's close to closing and we're hustling to get everything done...Then this man /guy (can't tell how old he is,but since I was younger I've always seen him around town)asked me for help...That's not all not just a man.....
 See, the thing is this man walks crooked so-to-speak,his poor hands are dry and crooked, he can barely speak right because it seems his poor body is just paralyzed or something....I have never known what exactly is wrong with him,but he surely has a radiant smile which,it too is a  little crooked,big brown eyes and long curled eye lashes. He slowly made way of asking for string..... He then proceeded to tell me that he needed some wire. After trying to understand him at a slower pace and knowing what he wanted, we walked together to get his little string. He knew what he wanted though,so it took a bit to find the exact wire. As I asked him specifics so I could really help him, he began to tell me what all more he needed. I noticed he had little plastic sheets ,about 6 to be exact cause I was looking and listening....they are usually in the knitting aisle. (just fyi) Just as he's moving along with his cart to tell me what else he needs,Katy(co-worker) walks up. She offers help as I've been with him for some few minutes and she notices he is handicapped as well and maybe she is stumped by his speech? I don't know..Katy stays and he's midway through describing this little plastic windchime to be made. So we listen a little more intensely cause he seems so excited about it....I would say when I saw him initially I began to focus on him and pray for him.(this was instilled by my parents who always said pray and help those who need it) His little teeth were not in the best, nor were his clothes,but he was clean nontheless. He stops in the aisle and slowly begins to tell us both that he knows this girl who is ill and he talks to her..He said " her mom doesn't work because of course she cares for her daughter...they don't have much money,so I buy them groceries sometimes" By now I am in awe...we both are. He then says" her mom makes these little windchimes out of these plastic sheets and hangers so I told her to make me 20"..." they are just so cute"....
 Katy and I smiled and giggled striking a conversation about these little gizmos. In my mind, I knew exactly what he was talking about cause I have seen them. So the string he says " is expensive" and he decides it's cheaper at walmart. He had those 6 sheets and said he'd wait cause they were cheaper at walmart if he just got the white ones and not the colored ones. Oh by now my eyes were welped,my heart was happy and sad,my stomach was in knots. Katy was sniffling to keep from crying. I was not looking at her to keep from just gushing. We walked him back to the plastic sheets he decided to wait on cause they were 49 each! the string was $2.47 and 1/2 off( yes that cheap and 1/2 off) I knew this was killing me. I thought I throw that money on Dr.Pepper all the time and never think twice....I got Katy to continue to talk to him while I got some things. I flew back with it and rolls of string, got him 2 or 3 of each color,wire rolls and told him i'd carry it up front. he went up with katy while i flew to the front. I bought it all and when he went up to pay handing cash up I gave him his receipt. yeah, he was shocked and got the same teary eyes Katy and I had.He was ecstatic to have simple wire for his friend and a rainbow of plastic sheets with many to spare....
 My point in telling the whole story is that I realized how lucky I am, how thankful I am and how this little guy I helped made a big impact on my so called busy life. He only needed a little bit of money,yet his friend would not have to bend WIRE HANGERS to make her little crafts. He proceeded to get one from his truck to show me....yep,it was what i knew i saw before. As he showed me,he asked me what he should charge.He said he didn't wan't to make money for him,but to give to his friend so she could have some money  and with tears in his eyes he said "Thank you."..... "God Bless you!" with that big smile.
I didn't say you're welcome cause to me he didn't need to Thank me.He deserved that and so much more...I said " not a problem- you tell your friend her hands won't hurt making these next 20 and Thank you for the blessing." He smiled and went back to his truck. He had tears of joy for his little friend and the little supplies which meant the world to him,but I don't know if he realized what he meant to me....
I felt so foolish for all that I want and have. This poor guy with far less than most was such a blessing to someone else when he had so little himself.Oh he just made my day and I had to share how we take for granted ,little things. Those little things that just make people happy.
My mom says that when I help others I am getting stairs to heaven....I know he has more than steps with his oh-so generous heart. In a world where people can be so cruel,malicious and selfish, I am so THANKFUL to have run into this man.He is a reminder that there are still good people.People that help others when they have little themselves. I hoped and prayed that God would look over him and continue to bless him.
I am thankful for this little encounter although I have been crying since he left and as I sit here to type my experience of God working.
That being said....I hope that you have a blessed night and remember that you too,have so much to be thankful for.
here is the little gizmo he wanted to sell for her.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rainy Sunday....

It's raining and I imagine that is because I wanted to wash the car....well, as Young says " the's not a car,but to me it's like coke....You ask what I want....I say get me a coke,but I mean Dr. Pepper....We have learned that every single flippin' time we intend to wash the SUV,truck,car or mow the rains. I am not sure if that is because it is a miracle alone,or if that is a sign we are to chill out and relax. Our days are consumed with work,kids,cleaning house and oh....wait a minute, no more time for things we usually want to do.I have changed that though...a while back. I realized a long time ago, that my house is clean ENOUGH. yeah, you heard it,I said it...."enough". I will not ever have a maid, it doesn't stink and it is not clutter central and we have walking space,not paths it's clean enough. I found I was always griping(for lack of the real word I mean to put here-lol) cause I get off work and go into Cinderella mode once my foot touches my yard. I noticed it and everyone in the house noticed it....Well screw that! I now make sure things are done and I have become more of a multi-tasking girl. Once I accepted that my house is not perfect, will not be perfect - I am less gripy,more happy and doing more fun stuff. I hope that you learn from me and take time to have a house that is clean enough, but a little heart that is happy and able to be creative. I figure if you read my blog you are one of 3 know me, you are nosey or you are a scrapper. Either way, find your happy space so you are not consumed the way I was letting myself be.
Speaking of creative and the home......I just received my Fall Bliss Kit from The Scrapbook Get-Away... looky here...

I have made several layouts, cards and a gift tin already. It's very versatile!
I am hoping to get to making more crafty things here in a bit....gotta get a little grocery shopping done now. Hope you have a blessed day and here is a little inspiration..

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm back.....

O.k I am back in my groove..I was soooo not well Tues. afternoon and Weds. It was major girlie issues and I am more than sure my obsession /addiction to Dr.Pepper has something to do with it as well. What can I say though. I know what it feels like to have an addiction perhaps? I just loveeeee Dr. Pepper. I know I should not drink as much as I do,but I do not drink(occasionally only) or do drugs,eh???

Since I was out of commission, I have a swap due on the 10th,so I had to whip out my binder they are....
well almost.....this is stage one

then I personalized them...

Now, here they are all finished!

These were so fun to make,so I figured I'd show the 3 little steps to make them so you can make some too! Please let me know when you do so I can see yours! :)
Oh, since the box came with 12.....I had 2 extras I just need to finish them up.

 o.k so I just checked out my DT site.....Head on over to here and get your November kit. It comes with plenty to make all sorts of pages! There's also a super duper cute boy album to make for your little dirt digger! So excited for this launch!
Have a blessed day, Lora

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sick Day...

I woke up this a.m automatically knew I felt ill...went to work anyhow.
I came home for lunch ,nibbled at a potatoe and laid down...I tried so hard to fall asleep,but the pain in my head,ears and back was so intense,I just laid here miserable on the sofa. I was finally able to sit up at 7:15(yeah, I was looking cause I was miserable just laying here) Just got on to blog since I could sit up. The migraine is returning with a little fever adn I am ready to call it a night.
Hoping for a better tomorrow. So much to do and now I can't do it.
Nighty night....

Sunday, November 01, 2009

T'was a Happy Halloween!

We had a blast Saturday! We cleaned up alllllll day to get ready for out Halloween party. We live in a neighborhood with only 4 streets.....let me tell you, there were kids for days! We saw so many costumes.Some were run of the mill usual ,while others were outlandishly cool. We had so much food and snacks and great company. Here are some snapshots of the night.....

Then there we were....Young was a carribean pirate, me the wench, Lorin the 80's girl, Jordan a vampire and Cody....well, he was the teenager?

Today I went ahead and took all the decor down and was mentally ready to put up Thanksgiving decor,but the day has flown by. Time change is in effect,so we'll see if that helps me get to bed at a somewhat decent hour.I am such a night owl,I am not sure it will even make a difference. I have tons of stuff to do and no time to do all I want to do.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner already! Hope your Halloween was a happy one ~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 days til Halloween!!

ARe you ready? got your candy? costume? .....I don't but I'm working on it...our 16 yr. old doesn't dress up for halloween...bummer! The girls on the other hand are all ready to get moving on it. Gotta make one a 50's or punk rocker chick and the other is to be a scarecrow.My dh forgot to get the hay from the in-laws.(geesh) Other than that, we're getting things in order-food, candy, candy apples and all that fun stuff! It's always a blast with all our friends who show up and we loVE to see the costumes that come around.

Aside from the Halloween party, we are really enjoying this fall ish weather. It's just been perfect around here. It did manage to rain a little,but rain doesn't hurt with the blistering summer we had here. The grass died and is gone!

I am still super excited about making the DT!!!yay! yay! yay! Soooooooooooo super excited or couldn't you tell? ha! here are a few challenges I've done. This is nice. With the challenges, I am getting pages done and it feels awesome! here's some eye candy......

O.k, well hope these inspire you do some scrappin'! Have a lovely night and I hear the rain comin' down,so I probably won't sleep like I want to.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am sooo delighted,ecstatic,super fabulous!
I am sooo happy to announce that I was chosen to be a Designer for The Scrapbook get away! It's my first as a Designer,so I am so happy to see how it goes and all it entails. So, watch out and check the store for cool kits just might get hooked! There are soooo many nice and friendly ladies on the site that it's very pleasant and I know if you're a scrapbooker,you'll enjoy it truly! I encourage you all to go and join the forum so you can do the challenges...they totally ROCK! I have done most of them and plan to finish up by month end.
The weather today has been beautiful! Not too cold or hot and just great. We went ahead and cleaned up the storage shed and the garage , which is great cause that's where I create.....If it has to be messy.......I wanna make the mess.HA! Here is my page for my 10/20 Challenge to write minimum 100 words about someone in family,but not our own kids. I did mine on my honey and just how lucky I am to have him.
Sleep tight!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back Home and busy....

Went to a great retreat weekend in East Bernard...loved it totally! Same group of friends cutting up and getting crafty! It was a total blast.
Here I am with my little Mikearita(which isn't too bad)I was sooo craftin' it up. We managed to make in the pool for a good 20 minutes before dinner,which was also great. This is my 3rd retreat and by far the best. I'm hoping to make it to another,but not until next March. Holidays creepin' up and in no time we'll be chiming in a New Year! Gosh b darn, time flies when you aren't lookin'.

As of late, I have applied to make it on a Design Team at The Scrapbook Get-Away and hope to be chosen....we'll just have to wait and see. I love creating so I figured why not try and just think.....I could share my creative thoughts! woo hoo! o.k , let ya know when they decide...Kids and Hubby are great- getting ready for our Halloween Costume Party....Young and I will match this year.(So it's like a date? hee hee) Our neighborhood gets jam packed with goblins,so we just do burgers,hot dogs and snacks in the front and let the kids have at it with passerbys and friends...This makes for a fun and safe time! Gettin' off early tomorrow and hoping to clean up my craft garage so I can atleast make are pics from my retreat...ahhhh so relaxing. ( the group and then my crazy friend Terri)

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Monday...

I finally slept well....Of course I didn't get to bed until 1:30 a.m. But thtat's o.k, I loved the sleep I was able to get. I a busy, busy week ahead.I work at Hobby Lobby part time (  2 days wk),Meeting after work this wk, had to make cupcakes for work and then finally......Thursday I pack for my Scrapbook retreat this weekend. Time for some serious scrapbooking and cutting up.
I am hoping to get lots done.We'll see. Halloween will be here in just 2 weeks.I think I am freakin' out cause the month has flown by soo fast. It's just nuts. I've done a few pages for a great new site I's on of them..

That's all for now cause I have got to get some sleep.Have a Blessed night and I'll post soon. Nite-

Friday, October 09, 2009

Time Flies....

Ya ever think how fast time flies? I had so many plans on what I wanted to do this week and BAM it's Friday. (oh well) I think you notice it when you get older?? I have been inspired all week and haven't had a chance to make anything. I am however, posting a pic of my page I created from my last retreat I went on which was a total blast. It wasn't too roomy,but the fun was worth it! We cut up and cracked here it is. .....I guess this is all for now since it's sooo late already. I need to create something before I retire for the night! Goodnight.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Had a great weekend! Friday cleaned up house and got it ready to be gone...Saturday we got up early and headed to Galveston to see kids grandpa was such a great visit. We ate a delicious dinner with tons of sides and snacks, which made for a full belly. It was so great to spend time together since we don't live too too close. The drive was nice as it usually is and the kids recognize at what point we are very close to grandpa's house every single time. I think they know we're right there and they wake up like clock work. I've learned not to mention ahead of time when we are going cause then it could be weeks or months and that's all we'll hear about UNTIL  we get in the car to go and that my friend,is a long time to hear our parrot daughters!
The trip back home was nice and somewhat calm....We saw the neatest way on the way home....As we came back on Hwy 6, Missouri City,Tx, we saw (about 2 miles straight) people lined up holding signs that were againsta was the neatest thing. I was overwhelmed with how when people come together they can make such a big impact! It was different people , different backgrounds,different religions,different in sooo many ways,but they all shared one strong thought! Anyhow, once we got past that it was" Build-a-bear" pleaaaaseeeeeee. (you know what happened next..) :) Anyhow, i am thankful for family,friends,love and life in general! Hope you have a happy week -Here are pics for today!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fall is in the air.........

O.k, so technically I started my 10/02 post before midnight, but it's now 12:13 which makes it the 3rd now....times flies so darn fast.  I love to babble too... Anyhooooo, the weather is feeling great lately and I am ready for some pumpkins and some trick or treaters.....Have you found your costume? I will be a deckhand wench and Young will be a sort of buccaneer guy,but not a pirate...not to mention I won't look as sexy as she does, nor will I wear those hideous boots....LOL

Lorin took a pic of our lit up it is. she shows such an interest in taking photographs....i just love it! (no, the black spots on the ground aren't mold...heehee)

Sooooooooo Back in Action!

I am finally back in action, breathing, working,in full creative mode! Only took forever....first I was busy, then busier,then school started back up, then....the laptop crashed! So I am so happy to say that I got my new laptop and everything is hunky-dory here in my little world again. ( so loving the DH for getting me the one I wanted) XOXO... Anyhow, I am back up to post and hope to do it more regularly from this point on.
"KETCHUP" time-
Here are pics of what's been going on as of late and maybe a little during all this laptop drama!

Went to the RiverBend Retreat with crazy chics....

Here are the crazy chics.....

Then there was trip to Grandpa Sid's in Galveston...

hmmm....then some others ...but don't have pics cause....the laptop crashed and BAM! Like Emeril, it was gone! sad....very sad. SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS...BACK UP YO' PICS! I am soooo very glad Cecile has learned form me...GO CECILE! lol
so then...recently just the other day....went to SCRAPPINK crop at the Scrapbook Junkie & this precious little bag of goodies awaited my nice and welcoming I thought.

My good friend ,Amber, went with me and it was a blast! EXCEPT the ride home this time....we were sooo sleepy before we even got to Rosenberg,that it was a tough ride home...Next time, I am staying with JoAnn, Terri or Cecile.....( note to self: remember this next time) I mainly worked with JoAnn's projects,but managed to come home with a cute little Halloween bucket she made and gave to me since she was being an Indian-giver...(LOL) here's the precious bucket she made in like 10 minutes!
(isn't it so precious?)
Cecile and I were inspired by an attendee there at the we made this handy dandy little inspiration album to record all those little doodle drawings, magazine layouts, handwritten layouts and anything cre8ive so we can refer back is mine...

The upper left rub on reads " I exist to CRE8" that about sums it up for me. ...of course family is right next to it, but yep! I do believe I exist for that very reason. The lower left corner stamp reads "play" cause that's what I call it... 
And then there is the new newest  love of my little world now,Gyp.
this little gizmo is gonna work some overtime here soon! it isn't tonight like i planned,but possibly Sunday cause the house is clean enough and we're on the road to Galveston at 7! woo hoo! gotta love the weekends and a  nice drive! Goodnight, it's great to be back in action!
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