Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ikea fun & organization

Hello Everyone!
If you are here, thanks for stopping by.Well, this past Saturday my good friend,Melissa, and I went to IKEA(Houston).After a long morning it turned out to be the only stop we made and of course feeling cheated, we stopped at Super Target on the way home....why? Because they were open.hhaahhahahha!

Let's start with getting there.....We leave and about an hour away, my Aspen dings, a message appears on my screen(cause it rocks like that) and then of course I see it's overheated and battery light is on.yikes! So I pull over once we get over the hill.(luckily in front of the United Bilt Model Homes. I took that as a good sign,despite the situation. So, we lift the hood(like we even have a clue....but atleast the attempt was there,right?) I didn't see anything broken,on the ground or hoses busted. I call my ever-so-mechanically-inclined husband.(thank you God for this wonderful man-and not just cause he knows cars :) He basically comes and tows it home with my B-I-L, Melissa and I get her car and of course our middle child, who we'll call Bubble Gum ,for obvious reasons.(her real name is Lorin) Back to Houston we go.hehe.

To spare you, turns out thermostat was trippin', water pump cracked and the whole crap was pushing out the waterpump and fan.....$70 later and my husband greatness....I'm back on the road! It is quiet again like when I first bought it. So happy....

NOW, important
IKEA, how I love thee.......I didn't go to actually buy anything.Come to find out, Melissa has never been.(she's an IKEA virgin) ;P  Well, it didn't take her long to fall in love and me to find things.Ha! So here is a little tour,not much,but so wonderful!
A $5 mat which I use to protect my counter  instead of a splat mat. $12 savings vs. splat mat ;P

Clear Acrylic containers for my pantry mission! $5.99 each (i'm going to get more!)

My favorite....Fintorp! I have to get more of these for my stuff to come off the counters . You
buy the rod $9.99,hooks$2.99 and set of baskets$14.99 and use them virtually anywhere! This is
my most favorite!

these beauties were in the potted plant section...$2.99 each. I thought my copics would look good in them.
Add stacked buttons to make little leg stands ;)

Wha-la! Angled copic storage. I initially put hot glue to keep them stacked,but i'm reinforcing
with clear cable ties. ;) ah, so heavenly!

So here is my Super Target find(it was the only package left   ;(  ... I think candy pretzel rods will
look good in these for the day of Love....Valentine's! 

So, that was my trip and the great little finds! I can't wait to go back and that'll be real soon! I will be back with my pantry re-do when it is complete. (hopefully soon)
Happy Wednesday,

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