Friday, December 31, 2010

MOJO 171

Well, it's come to another end of another year.....It's super close to so long 2010 and helllllllooooo 2011. Time sure does fly by and so I am taking time to submit my entries to the MOJO MONDAY #171 Challenge. I had fun doing this challenge because I was able to do both and use my newest stamp set! yippeeee!

So, here are the sketches.....
and here is my take on both...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Days after Christmas......

So it's just a few days after Christmas and I don't see as many lights and decorations ..... booo hooo. I love looking at all the lights. They are so pretty and the thing is, I don't care if it's one strand or 50, they are just pleasing to look at. Any spirit is better than no spirit and (that is just my opinion). 

I took my tree down today and began to wonder just how many ornaments I had and how many were put on my tree. I didn't count cause this was so after I got going, but I am betting it's near 1,000. I love each and every one of them.They each have a little story behind them.Even if it isn't a big ol' mushy story, there is a little something significant about each one.   :)   I love them and continue to add to them. So, I supposed next Christmas time I will pull them out and count them. :)

I'm really happy to have had such a blessed Christmas & a wonderful family.

Thank you God,

Cody, (our oldest ) Orion (our nephew)

my sister, my only sister....Lori

our baby, Jordan

my momma and only brother, Roberta snerta...

my step dad, papa Clam....(Clem, but I say Clam)lol

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Joy...

Christmas was great! I especially hope yours was a hit! We went and had Christmas Breakfast at my mom's then we shimmied on over the in in-laws for Christmas lunch. Perfect! I've managed to update my slide (to the right) and I'm not even done. All my little do-dad projects aren't posted, but I'll get there soon enough.

We;re almost at a new year! I can't believe that 2011 is just around the corner and 6 days away.....Time flies by. It's going to be an even better year. There is tons to be done and trips to be made this upcoming year.

On the scrappy side of life, I already have my first scrappy retreat lined up for the first weekend of the new year. I have tons to do and hope that I get a whole lot done. Of course I like to talk, so I'm not sure what the chances are that I will get all my scrappy projects done. We'll see......

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and have a splendid New Year's! As for me and the family, we'll be with close friends and then home.....Nice and safe.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DT Tryouts & Christmas....

Hello all!
I have been missing due to the holidays,but I did manage to try out for the 7kids Design Team!  I have made quite a bit of things as of late,but just have been going and going with getting out of school and Christmas. Once this madness is over, I can and WILL post my goodies! There is always something being made,so that is not a problem. I so wish I could post as fast as I make things. (don't you?)

Aside from that exciting news, I have all my shopping done. Last minute, but oh Walgreen's is the place to go for gift cards. I didn't have to stop at all these places! LOVE IT! However, gift cards are not much fun to wrap!

We wish you all a very,very Merry Christmas & a poppin' New Year!

Lora (and family)

Monday, December 06, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas......

Today it was actually cool. It has been around 80 degrees here in South Texas so we actually hadn't had cool weather. I personally don't like cool weather, but it sure does make it seem proper for the holidays. We got our lights up and the tree has been up for about a week. I'm not looking forward to the Christmas shopping that follows up to Christmas. : ( 
Some people go absolutely nuts! I think I am up for getting gifts and making them simple. I love to be into everything , but at the same time I am simple. Doesn't make much sense,I know.......oh well!

On to projects....I have completed a gift I was making. Nothing hard, but procrastination sets in and then I am mush.The best thing is that I am cleaning my space and actually seeing progress. What space ? my crafty space that is.

Laundry is almost done as I sit here and babble....Oh how I do not like doing laundry that takes all day! Hope you have a great Monday since it's now just after midnight!


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Where does time go?...really. ;P

I am so surprised at how time flies. I don't take naps, I stay up late, get up early and time. The time just flashes by. I should go to sleep early, eat breakfast and take my time,but my mind goes 100 mph. I am constantly thinking of things I want to make, have made, where I want to go, trips I want to take, what my family wants to do, would like to do and will do.I think I make my husband and other people dizzy with all my ideas! I do not get tired and I love to plan. Plan,plan,plan...

Speaking of time....we just spent 2 days in Kerrville,Texas and Fredricksburg,Tx. hiking Enchanted Rock (which is a Texas must) and all the wonderful shops like an old time village. Here are some of the shots I managed to get. So pretty. So tranquil.


This is the view going in....see the peeps at the top? ....well, that's not the real top.....  ;P
     Below ) another beautiful view.....
  Kids had a fun time trying to find the smallest leaf.....
 Here I am with Young....taking a break!
 The only water besides our water bottles....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today is a day of thanks. Thank you to all Veteran's active/retired and parished. I am thankful for my freedom because of your sacrifices.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Library Books.....

Oh yes! You can go to jail for a damn library book and overdue fines...I was supposed to be off.Off to unwind from a busy weekend.Off to get my home in order( clean clothes, undies, bathrooms cleaned...basically to be Cinderella, which sounds so much better than my day today ;) 
This started with my needing to run errands and take care of things I needed to do ,but hadn't had a chance to get to. I checked the mail, went on to pay a library fine that was $3.05 ( yes, three american dollars and 5 cents..1 freakin' nickle) So, dreading the trek downtown and never having cash on me- I got the cash and went downtown.I'm ready to pay and start my day......WHATEVER!
The lady asked me for$42.89.....huh? I looked lost....hmmmm. " NO, I called a week or so ago and it was $3.05... I was told to just swing by and pay it when I got a chance" today I swung by only to be caught like felt on velcro! arg! She then proceeds to pull out a list of fines,and a book that is apparently not returned, oh and a certified letter receipt signed by yours truly....our son!
So I write her a check and she said" go straight to municipal court and I'll fax this over to them" in the suv...grunt....wait in a long ol line.....
Finally, I am up and nothing....yet wait, it's in your name for your have a court date in December, yep just come then.

 LIKE HELL! I never received the certified copy and I did get a letter and call....... So I wait for the judge....Mind you, it's only 12:15 p.m. I return at 1:30 to wait and see creepy, loud,obnoxious people who have no clue how to dress for court.NOT even the word decent came to mind. I was actually scared. I've never ever been to court on my own account, yet these people were there like frequent fliers. I sat QUIETLY listening to people laugh about their PI tickets, one who had several. Then behind me was a mother who was a blubbering idiot coming up with excuses for the judge as to why " tommy" (not his real name ) didn't go to anger mgmt. classes...what? This person is a parent and scheming with her kid? WTF is all that ran thru my mind.
Finally at 4:05 I heard my name called....I think my eyes bulged out. I was soooooooo freakin' scared. not a laugh or giggle out of me. I felt like a criminal. I basically said the truth and just happened to cross paths with my letter...I just wanted to pay the least amount and get the hell out of there.
I paid.
I left.
......and it wasn't in handcuffs.LOL

Long story your kids overdue fines and make them find the damn books they check out cause trust me, you don't want to spend your lovely day off like this.....12:15-4:05p.m for something that seemed so petty.

(still a ) Happy Monday! ( it could always be worse, que no?)  ;)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Halloween....

Halloween as usual, was a blast! I love Halloween. Not so much for the spooky ,grueling parts,but the fun the kids have. There is nothing better than seeing all the cute and clever costumes come by. Our neighborhood is a smorgusboard for candy and trick or treaters.It seems no matter how much candy we buy, it's never enough. Here are just a few snapshots from our fun filled night!
HOpe you had a Happy Halloween!~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food & Wine Fest 2010

Our good friends , Danny & Shelly, asked us to go to the food & wine fest in Fredricksburg,Texas this past weekend......Since nothing was going on, we went and I'm glad we did! We enjoyed their company, the food, the wine
( Danny found one for me that I liked  ;)  Anyhow, the weather was so wonderful!

Oh, and you'll never guess what else shelly and I found.....a SCRAPBOOK STORE!! heehee! (of course this on top of everything else we found too) here's some shots of our weekend!

Hope you are having a wonderful evening and enjoying this lovey weather!

Monday, October 25, 2010

FALL is here....

We had a great kidless weekend! Spent the night up in San Antonio,Tx.  after we went to the food & Wine Fest in Fredricksburg,Tx. I'll have to post pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MOJO 139

ooh mojo this week is so fun! I was asked to make a card for a friend's son who is turning 19 this weekend! He's such a funny clown and always so happy! Here is the sketch

and here is my card....

and the inside....

I'm watching FAME, so I better get back to that cause it's goooood! I love musicals!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mojo 138

So, Mojo this week was fun! I have this stamp I have been wanting to use for a little while now and I have finally had some scrappy time to sit and not freak out on having to go off and do thi and that. You know, the housework stuff and Anyhow, despite the illness factor that the stamp is,  I really think that when you are ill the last thing you need is an equally ill looking, I went ahead and put some happy color! I think it rocked!
so here it is.....
MOJO 138

and then here is my take on the MOJO.....

Friday, April 23, 2010


WOO HOO!  I just completed my mojo entry! I also made a few other things's the MOJO:

...and here is my take on it...

o.k, so I also was asked to make a card a baby boy baptism.....

you can see I have been busy,but they didn't take much time to make really.
then there is a baby girl frame I was asked to make but I just had to throw in pink! Apparently the parents are UT fans...major fans. Hope they like this little jewel as I had fun making it!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day and a little Cuttlebug Challenge #79 & then some.....

I was so mad at blogger for the past few months...It seems that I was here in the post section typing and it would flash about 10 times for each and every single letter and/or space.....that is an eternity to me.Needless to say, I stopped blogging to not toss the laptop out the window....I'm over it though.It seems to be working right now as I type this up......knock on wood.....
Anyhow, here is an entry I made...had fun making's for the cuttlebug challenge :

Then I workd on these.....

I just loooove that....

MOJO 134

It been lovely weather here in South Texas! I am almost done with English class and it's so rockin'. I have here , my little MOJO 134 Challenge submission.....
I loved this challenge,but I am not liking  blogger right now!

Hope you have a nice night....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MOJO Monday 129! Get your groove on...

here is the sketch.....                                                                                     And here is mine...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feelin' Better!

I was not feeling so great since last week. ....sore throat, ear aches, migraine and sub woofers in my ears. yes, I said sub woofers! I could hear my t.v double. It was wierd.very,very wierd. But it's gone.....all gone.

I love this time of year. I see all the new growth and the air seems fresh.I just love it. Easter will soon arrive and then the year just flies by! I have been out of commission,but here are some pics of my middle child posing and acting goofy for me to practice. They came out pretty good if I do say so myself.......
Enjoy and please comment!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

MOJO 128

 I have a break from homework and decided to join in on the MOJO Monday Challenge.  I loove  Mojo Mondays! So here is my take.

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