Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Days after Christmas......

So it's just a few days after Christmas and I don't see as many lights and decorations ..... booo hooo. I love looking at all the lights. They are so pretty and the thing is, I don't care if it's one strand or 50, they are just pleasing to look at. Any spirit is better than no spirit and (that is just my opinion). 

I took my tree down today and began to wonder just how many ornaments I had and how many were put on my tree. I didn't count cause this was so after I got going, but I am betting it's near 1,000. I love each and every one of them.They each have a little story behind them.Even if it isn't a big ol' mushy story, there is a little something significant about each one.   :)   I love them and continue to add to them. So, I supposed next Christmas time I will pull them out and count them. :)

I'm really happy to have had such a blessed Christmas & a wonderful family.

Thank you God,

Cody, (our oldest ) Orion (our nephew)

my sister, my only sister....Lori

our baby, Jordan

my momma and only brother, Roberta snerta...

my step dad, papa Clam....(Clem, but I say Clam)lol

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