Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look and feel like Christmas...

Here is the snowman I mentioned in my earlier easy and fun!

Christmas Wreaths ....

 I love wreaths.
My problem is that I love sooooooo many styles so I have a super hard time picking one out. I will never buy them made. I make them myself, so it's much more fun and usually better than what I've seen. (hee hee)

So, here began the journey......I had seen this netting stuff /ribbon last year and wanted to try it, but like usual, I ran out of time to even make it so it went to the back burner. I think I just ended up using one that I had already from year before. I like to change things all the time.  ;)

(Fast forward to last weekend) I was in Michael's and saw the netting/ribbon again. and then on my latest favorite website, there it was again on several wreaths and doors.The kicker was that the one at Michael's looked like this
and charged like that! hahahaahahha. Yeah, if you saw the pic above and then the price at the bottom of the wreath then you know where the hahahaha came from. The netting rocks just in general,but that isn't worth $129.....are you kidding me? I sat there trying to take my mental pic and imagined all the ways I could alter it. Then I decided to snap a picture because I knew I could make mine better. Not to be mean, but they flung the netting on and threw ornaments....BAM! Oh well, I know there are people who will pay that for it.

Yesterday,  I noticed all the Christmas stuff seems to be disappearing so fast that I found the netting, letter and 3 sprays and came home yesterday inspired to get it done since it'll be December in just days!

Here is what I came up with and how I did it. No rhyme or reason to it cause I do not beat myself up over perfection. I just want it to look good to me because we are often our own worst critics and it's just not worth stressing over. I was so on a roll, I painted my snowman and dressed him up cause it's cold outside tonight and well, he's been in my cabinet for a few years just sitting there naked. LOL !

wreath and stuff ....

 then added the netting which was super thick!

then painted the letter, put some dots and added a little bling  ;)

then I added some ornaments, bling and accessories. I'm happy!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Halloween 2011

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's November! What in the world....
Time sure does fly by.

 Halloween was short to me this year. Was it the time fixing to change? NO, not really. I do believe it was the fact that the kids had school and Young and I had to it was short and quick, but sweet.We had family and friends over so it was swell! I looooooooooooove Halloween!

It was fun trick or treating and watching these girls get candy while I was house around the block had a skinny (and i mean stick skinny) guy in a black body suit with a white face and I swear, he was walking smoothly so-to-speak and then just slithered up by me and it scared the bee jee bees out of me! I yelled and that was enough for this cookie!

Anyhow, we (well....I ) survived the creepiness and had a great time! Here are a few pics of the kids ..
minus our boy     [who was off at college ...  :(    ]

Our daughter Lorin(left) and her inseperable friend Jillian....

Our little neighbor Peyton( uh, can you see him?)

Our Ladybug Lorin

Our little neighbor Macey rockin' the bat girl costume!

Our baby Jordan Rae

Macey, Blake and their momma Jennifer

My honey(only ended up with the hat of his costume)

Happy Fall.......already!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mojo 211

So tis the season to be spooky!
I managed to have time to do a mojo for this week! I'm so excited! Hope you like my little submission. I just love this time of year.....can't wait for the next Mojo....see ya Monday!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Is in the Air!

I Love , Love, Love Halloween!

There is nothing more fun than carving pumpkins with a crazy group of kids....Last night my friend and I decided to carve pumpkins tonight.Soooooo after work I flew to get pumpkins on my broom and then decided it would be so fun to decorate cupcakes too! Only about 30 minutes of prep time is not much for a good time. 

The pumpkins came out great. The cupcakes came out even better and all in all, we had a blast! Sounds like we'll have to repeat the process again if we can squeeze it in before halloween! Perhaps an adult carbing? I don't know, but it sounds like fun to me.

Here are some pics from the festivities! Boo!

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's October!

I haven't been posting in a while because things happen....This little thing called life usually steps in when I think I am going to take over the world and accomplish many things. It's a funny thing how my mind works. I have tons and tons of ideas.Ideas for everything you can think of, but right now I'm stopped and stunned on October!'s many signs for me. I love October!
 It's fall coming along.
It's holidays creeping up.
It's my favorite holiday to play...Halloween!

It's a sign that the year is coming to a close....It's many things! These are just a few things that I think of when I think of October. Can you belive it is already mid October? I can't. I feel like it was just Sept. 25 and our baby just turned 11yrs old. It's true what they say...." Time flies when you get older".
That is so true. I find that months just pass on by and they surely don't stop for nothing.

Today I am just happy to be relaxing by doing nothing!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letter Pressing away......

I was just wondering if it was possible to use the high side of the embossing folder like a letterpress plate? I have so many from Stampin' Up I figured it was worth a shot. I did consider that it didn't seem as high as the letter plates,but it was high enough to try,right? Yep! Turns out it worked well enough for me to make a card! I just wanted to share it with you, just incase you were wondering the same thing!

I used all Stampin' Up products and had fun making this little card. I left the outside blank until I decide the theme, then I'll stamp a little somethin' on it. I really like how it came out and of course it looks much better in person. ;P

so, here it is...

Mojo 200

I've been so busy these last few months, I hadn't created much of nothing....Had my son graduate and we have been in college mode....time flies. Speaking of time flying, I can remember being little thinking the weekend would neverrrrrrrrrr get here. Oh how I longed to just watch cartoons on Saturdays! Now, forget that! Cartoons are crappy and show 24/7. Anyhow, I received my Mojo e-mail and thought " hmmmm, I should play since I haven't and I'm off. Gosh, it felt great! I was just seeing them come n' go and no time to sit and do was quite depressing actually. But, well worth it only cause we are just within weeks ( 5 short weeks to be exact) of Cody moving for college! eeeek! I have a million wants coupled with a million worries, but I know God has surely helped me to make sure he's ready.....and he is.

So, on to my MOJO is the sketch

and then here is my little summer goodness. I loved crabs since I first tasted them and then that grew with The Little Mermaid. lol.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello March!

Gosh be darn! I got  busy and forgot to come back....ha! NO, really I've just been busy. It seems like I start something and think" oh, I'll come back later  or tonight and finish"....doesn't happen although I have every intention. Home, kids and work take all my time lately. I didn't post much for February, but I'm still here. I have plans all the time, but I'm just waiting for some scrappy time so I can PlAy! I just want to PlAy!( I sound like the kids don't I?) heehee

Jordan started softball and it's been go,go,go. I've signed up for team mom and that is fun! Don't know all about softball,but I do know all about fru fru.  ;P 

I've got a busy weekend ahead and hope the weather is just beautiful! Have yourself a happy Thursday!

Lora ~

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mojo Monday 177

Hello Everybody! I am so happy to say  that I am actually running ahead of schedule! It's a miracle.  ;P
Actually, I am busy the rest of the week, so I am just trying to get everything done before I head out to a Valentine weekend Crop...heehee..And I am so ready! Mentally, not physically that is.

On with the MOJO JOJO.......Mojo this week was fun. I actually was thinking it would be tougher to do than it really was. ;) Lucky for me it was a cinch!

Here is the sketch...

and then here is my interpretation..... hope you likey!

goodnight ya'll
Lora ~

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Just a quickie! LOL

I just wanted to jump on before midnight! I'm trying to be better at my blogging and keep up.   ;P  Of course I am busy all the time debating to play or always wins! ( helloooo?) LOL Anyhow, I just need to work on timing next. Hope you all had a splendid weekend. I am not feeling so great with this crazy Texas weather changing every minute. I don't know whether to wear a bathing suit or a bunny from one day to the next.

Nite ya'll,

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Mojo Monday 176

I am so happy with Mojo Monday 176 this week. The sketch is just great! I looooove it!( I have a thing with flowers....heehee) Also, aside from that I used my awesome February stamp set from The Stamps of Life By Stephanie Barnard . So, here is the Mojo sketch and my submission as well. ;P 


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Months and Migraines....

Good Evening everybody!

Well, it's Sunday again......geesh, time just flies by. The months come and go so fast. Wouldn't it figure that now I am feeling 150% that weekend time is over. ha! Friday was horrible....which actually started on Thursday. I started to have a headache. No, not that simple. It was not a simple headache. There is a difference and I can tell when it's gonna last. So, Thursday I popped some tylenol cause I figured it'd be hurting more and sure enough come Friday I was in pain. I should have called in, but I had so much going on that I went in and was dying by 9. UGH! Needless to say, I came home and stayed inside til Satruday around 3 I started to feel like I could move and do. I popped extra strength and moved around. The pain came and went, but it just hurts so bad that once or twice I have wanted to just die. I didn't think a migraine could be so horrible. So, come the evening on Saturday, I got my butt in gear and whipped out some cards for The Stamps of Life set that I received in January. I love Stephanie's stamps. They are well thought out and cheap! I have never heard of anyone charging $1 shipping. ( I loooooove that )  Anyhow, I have a busy work week coming up so here's my latest creations! Enjoy and come back......

Lora ~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Showering.......

I work at a Middle School and we have pregnant teachers galore. heehee. Tomorrow, or shall I say in a few hours, we'll host a baby shower. I volunteered to make the cakes. One for each parent, so 3 cakes. I wanted to make the onesie cake.....A simple thought, right? But of course not! All was well. My cake was super soft and yummy. I was able to cut it in the needed shape, still no problem....Then I go to put the icing and oh but no! It wanted to fall apart so in effort to save the cake I resorted to fondant. I've had this box of RTU fondant and it was not too bad. That is considering I had never used it before. I took pics, but my onesie is much cuter in good lighting. ;) so here they are....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday blues....

I should so be in bed and asleep,but I'm not. I have missed some blog days so here is a catch up.

The weekend was good. We cleaned and hung out. I got hubs to put new garage door framing. You know the ones you see that have the bottoms missing or all nasty and falling apart. ( looks like this....)

yep. got it all pretty now. I just have to have decent weather and paint to finish it up. ;) so happy. It was an eye sore even though it wasn't as bad as the picture above. That was the first of many projects. Of course that was a $15 fix and then.....our disposal goes ka-plunk! I think that just figures. One thing fixed so naturally one thing breaks? Darn the luck.

On to the Monday I've had. My honey left for training and I end up with the baby of the family spiking a fever. Needless to say I stayed home with her only to find myself doing laundry, tending to her and checking on her which left little time for anything else. I am almost done with laundry finally. She perked up around 2:30 and then began to heat back up around 5..poor thing.  :(

I managed to make a card last night for HeroArts Inspiration , but come to find out my pearls came off the body and one pearl came off the die cut, but I'll fix that tomorrow. Here is the card I came up with, but I didn't use a Hero Art stamp so I didn't bother to post it. ( I know, real smart) heehee.

O.k off to bed ....

Lora ~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We have a WINNER!

Today turned out to be cold in the afternoon. I don't like cold weather. When it's cold, I like to stay in my pj's(that don't ever seem to match) , not comb my hair or do anything. It's in the low 30's right now and in South Texas.....that's freezing! (LOL)

However, all that doesn't matter cause at 6 this a.m I started receiving numerous messages on flickr for my winning on Hero Arts monthly card contest! YES, you heard me..Out of all the entries ( and there were a gazillion) I was one of 5! yippee! Can you say " made my day!". I was so excited I just stuck my iphone in Young's face and asked if he was up. All cross eyed he peeked and said congrats. I suppose I should have let him wake up, but I was so excited and who else was I gonna tell so early in the a.m? So, after the blinding session I gave him in the a.m, he did manage to e-mail me a "congratulations, but if you ever put that phone in my face at the crack of dawn.....I'm gonna push you off the bed." Ha! gotta love him. I suppose thinking of it now, that was kinda mean of me huh? lololololololol.....

I am now off to pick out my stamps and then shower n sleep! I am so excited. Thank you to alllllllllllllllll of you sweet stampers on Hero Arts that left me messages. You are a wonderful group and the messages made my day! Isn't it sweet how simple little notes from strangers who share your hobbies just make my day? I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Well, If you didn't see my entry......HERE it is as a winner! I love you Hero Arts!

Happy playin' and stay warm~

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, already?$##$%#$%

Ha! I just posted my Sunday post and now, here we's Monday. I have to be at work in about.....7 hours!

I just wanted to post my cards. I had made one for Mojo Monday using The Stamps of Life Butterflies to build set and the other was just to make for my stash, but I so missed the deadline to post on Mojo! oh well, I'll be on time this coming week. So, before I hit the hay, here they are. Enjoy~

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