Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wreaths ....

 I love wreaths.
My problem is that I love sooooooo many styles so I have a super hard time picking one out. I will never buy them made. I make them myself, so it's much more fun and usually better than what I've seen. (hee hee)

So, here began the journey......I had seen this netting stuff /ribbon last year and wanted to try it, but like usual, I ran out of time to even make it so it went to the back burner. I think I just ended up using one that I had already from year before. I like to change things all the time.  ;)

(Fast forward to last weekend) I was in Michael's and saw the netting/ribbon again. and then on my latest favorite website, there it was again on several wreaths and doors.The kicker was that the one at Michael's looked like this
and charged like that! hahahaahahha. Yeah, if you saw the pic above and then the price at the bottom of the wreath then you know where the hahahaha came from. The netting rocks just in general,but that isn't worth $129.....are you kidding me? I sat there trying to take my mental pic and imagined all the ways I could alter it. Then I decided to snap a picture because I knew I could make mine better. Not to be mean, but they flung the netting on and threw ornaments....BAM! Oh well, I know there are people who will pay that for it.

Yesterday,  I noticed all the Christmas stuff seems to be disappearing so fast that I found the netting, letter and 3 sprays and came home yesterday inspired to get it done since it'll be December in just days!

Here is what I came up with and how I did it. No rhyme or reason to it cause I do not beat myself up over perfection. I just want it to look good to me because we are often our own worst critics and it's just not worth stressing over. I was so on a roll, I painted my snowman and dressed him up cause it's cold outside tonight and well, he's been in my cabinet for a few years just sitting there naked. LOL !

wreath and stuff ....

 then added the netting which was super thick!

then painted the letter, put some dots and added a little bling  ;)

then I added some ornaments, bling and accessories. I'm happy!

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Tonya Gibbs - Psycho Mom said...

I actually like yours better than the one at the store. Great job, and I love how you used the B.

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