Sunday, January 31, 2010

So cold Sunday.......

It's cold.
I am so ready for summer.
I love the sun.
sun, where are you little sun of mine......

Another cold day in South Texas....I am not liking this. I have been studying and reading at the kitchen table since 1 today...It's now 9:45 and I am ready to get on the computer and play,but not much time cause another assignment is due and I still have to read some stories and answer questions for Tuesday on another class....go figure. Looks like play time is coming to a halt!(just a day or two...)  ;)  What will I do......croak. But, I do have to stay focused and that is so easy for me to lose sight of. I do not like school. I do not study well and frankly, I am not my sister.....ha! She's a school nut.

Well, I suppose I shall retire and dream of scrapping hopefully. I need some mojo this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


Still cleaning and playing....

Hello. Seems it is real late for me to be up,but I was playing and got all inspired.....these are some cards I made for a submission.....we'll see if they pass. I sure hope so. I just love to play. Here is my first card..........a little Valentine's theme going here....
I like it and it's Young's favorite.
Here is the second which is Easter .......

Then there is the cupcake....oh, how I love cupcakes and the thought of making them.(baking and playing)

Last, there is a tree of love....yes, hearts hanging all over it!
I hope to put some more little creations tomorrow,so come back!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Candy!

If you like blog candy head over to Stamping Boutique and leave a comment and become a follower! It's a great site with tons of cute stuff! Be back later with Valentine's goodness!

Mission....Organize Stamps!

O.k, so If you keep up with me at The Scrapbook Get Away, I mentioned before that I was contemplating stamp storage. I think I just have an obsession with organization supplies,but anyhow.......I thought about 2 weeks on it and made a decision to go for it. I currently have this mess in my scrap space(which happens to be in the garage....

messy, I know. I got back last weekend and didn't bother to clean up since I had homework to do. So, anyhow here's what my stamps looked like...I had them in 12x12 acrylic holders that snap together. Now, I did like them and they do work,but I wanted smaller and more organized ...or maybe just change? so here is how they were....

uh huh.....they were by category....then I started to make covers so they would be easier to find.....I had enough to do a few. I think I like....this is what I have so far..not many,but tomorrow I should finish.

So here is a close up.It's neater and I think I love the idea.Kudos to whoever thought of that idea.

Tadaaaaa! Super cheap-o and easy to do!
Major Good News......
* Oh, great news, I got selected for the Design Team at ...yep, you guessed it SBGA!! I am stoked. I have several others I really want to be on as well, but gotta wait and see......
Goodnight/Morning & God Bless, Lora

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I won!

I am sooooo happy. I tried the challenge for Method Playground challenge#59 and I just found out at the crack of the morning dawn,that I won! I am so stoked! I had been wanting a camera strap, I got one a' coming to me. It was so fun to join the challenge,I'll have to try it again. If you're here, stop by there and join in.
It's now crunch time for all the Valentine's Day trinkets I've been wanting to make...just never enough time. But, with the rainy days ahead, I have no choice.I must read and play -yay!
Hope you all have a good night,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love is in the Air.......

So, it's coming....the day of Love! I love Valentine's Day! I love the colors and just the fuzzy feeling of love...It doesn't hurt that I have a LOVEly husband who is soooooooooo good to me! I have 3 great kiddos too that are so fun and loving..Here's some little containers I have made for a couple of people

Oh, I love to make stuff!

Here are some recent pages too. I just love to create. Lock me in a room and let me play!

This is all for today cause I have got to catch up on home,laundry and school work. HOpe you all have a blessed night. Come back soon, cause I'll be posting some Valentine's Day Cards I plan to attack!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I got sick last week. I knew it was coming,but that is something I love to deny. I cannot be sick. I have too much to do.Not to mention I am a big ol' sissified whiner when I am ill. It's pathetic and my hair is totally just as crazy. By day 2/3 I am depressed.It just bites!
However, I am feeling wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now,only it's raining all weekend now. PFFFFT! Isn't that something? LOL What can I say......oh well, off to scrappyville. I have to work on my Vintage kit from the SBGA, which is really just precious as need to go get you one! If you don't, join the forum and have some fun while getting your pages done! see ya there!
Have a warm n' fuzzy weekend!
Lora ;)

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Changes....

o.k We rang in a new year.....I have got to stop and change. YEP, me! I have got to stop spending money, stop drinking soooo much Dr. Pepper and stop procrastinating. I hope you will help encourage me as I am having to make them immediately. Thank you in advance. I am hopeful for a prosperous New Year and hope to do many things within the next 12 months. I too, hope that you have a nice year as well and that God gives you peace, joy and love all year long.
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