Friday, January 15, 2010


I got sick last week. I knew it was coming,but that is something I love to deny. I cannot be sick. I have too much to do.Not to mention I am a big ol' sissified whiner when I am ill. It's pathetic and my hair is totally just as crazy. By day 2/3 I am depressed.It just bites!
However, I am feeling wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better now,only it's raining all weekend now. PFFFFT! Isn't that something? LOL What can I say......oh well, off to scrappyville. I have to work on my Vintage kit from the SBGA, which is really just precious as need to go get you one! If you don't, join the forum and have some fun while getting your pages done! see ya there!
Have a warm n' fuzzy weekend!
Lora ;)

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Joy-N-Jesus said...

Man, being sick is the worst! It totally messes up the scrappy plans :) J/k i am glad your feeling better! Oh, and your blog is fun! I loved seeing your beautiful family! Your daughter dances! YEAH! I was a dancer in jr.high and HS. Love it!

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