Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Happy Turkey Day!

Today I am thankful for all the Blessings I have been given.
my son,my daughters and my husband and family.I have been blessed and Thank my God. I pray for a peaceful world, to know when to let things go,to not say ugly words,to do right,be a good person,help others in any way possible and to be positive everyday of my life. If you are here, I hope that God will continue to Bless you and yours as well.
May your day be filled with love and the company of family and friends. Help someone out today and make it a habit, if even the smallest token. Nothing can be better than helping another person. Good night and God Bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back at home!

I made it back home this evening! woo hoo! I was glad to see my little family here relaxing.
I had so much fun at my friend JoAnn's Birthday crop party. We cut up all night Friday and Saturday too. Here are some pics of the fun photo shoot.....

This is JoAnn....

I made a few little projects....our make n' take was a blast. It was such a fun project. we made a fan like booklet with pics from the day.It was so cool that we all used the same pics and made them all different. They all came out really nice. Here is mine. This is the jewelry box it sits in...

This is the actual little mini album we decorated....

I also managed to make a cute little Christmas garland,but I gotta embellish it up once I know where  I am putting it up at!

I had fun making it and plan to use it soon...Only a week til Thanksgiving
made a cute little chipboard album to put precious little photos of my little family! It is so easy to make little albums to look at and enjoy the memories! They are simple and so fun getting to embellish them. For me, that is the fun part!

I have a busy week,so I am hoping to get some scrappy time sometime! Hope you all have a good week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My God is great!

I couldn't wait to get home to post this. I needed to have clear and calm head as well..
..It is amazing to me how God presents us with amazing little things that just mean the world.( to me , anyhow)
 Let me start from the beginning.
I work at Hobby Lobby about 1 ,sometimes 2 days a wk or month.depending. Anyhow, I go in today and work is going. Catching up on the latest, checking the store out ,all is good.  It's close to closing and we're hustling to get everything done...Then this man /guy (can't tell how old he is,but since I was younger I've always seen him around town)asked me for help...That's not all not just a man.....
 See, the thing is this man walks crooked so-to-speak,his poor hands are dry and crooked, he can barely speak right because it seems his poor body is just paralyzed or something....I have never known what exactly is wrong with him,but he surely has a radiant smile which,it too is a  little crooked,big brown eyes and long curled eye lashes. He slowly made way of asking for string..... He then proceeded to tell me that he needed some wire. After trying to understand him at a slower pace and knowing what he wanted, we walked together to get his little string. He knew what he wanted though,so it took a bit to find the exact wire. As I asked him specifics so I could really help him, he began to tell me what all more he needed. I noticed he had little plastic sheets ,about 6 to be exact cause I was looking and listening....they are usually in the knitting aisle. (just fyi) Just as he's moving along with his cart to tell me what else he needs,Katy(co-worker) walks up. She offers help as I've been with him for some few minutes and she notices he is handicapped as well and maybe she is stumped by his speech? I don't know..Katy stays and he's midway through describing this little plastic windchime to be made. So we listen a little more intensely cause he seems so excited about it....I would say when I saw him initially I began to focus on him and pray for him.(this was instilled by my parents who always said pray and help those who need it) His little teeth were not in the best, nor were his clothes,but he was clean nontheless. He stops in the aisle and slowly begins to tell us both that he knows this girl who is ill and he talks to her..He said " her mom doesn't work because of course she cares for her daughter...they don't have much money,so I buy them groceries sometimes" By now I am in awe...we both are. He then says" her mom makes these little windchimes out of these plastic sheets and hangers so I told her to make me 20"..." they are just so cute"....
 Katy and I smiled and giggled striking a conversation about these little gizmos. In my mind, I knew exactly what he was talking about cause I have seen them. So the string he says " is expensive" and he decides it's cheaper at walmart. He had those 6 sheets and said he'd wait cause they were cheaper at walmart if he just got the white ones and not the colored ones. Oh by now my eyes were welped,my heart was happy and sad,my stomach was in knots. Katy was sniffling to keep from crying. I was not looking at her to keep from just gushing. We walked him back to the plastic sheets he decided to wait on cause they were 49 each! the string was $2.47 and 1/2 off( yes that cheap and 1/2 off) I knew this was killing me. I thought I throw that money on Dr.Pepper all the time and never think twice....I got Katy to continue to talk to him while I got some things. I flew back with it and rolls of string, got him 2 or 3 of each color,wire rolls and told him i'd carry it up front. he went up with katy while i flew to the front. I bought it all and when he went up to pay handing cash up I gave him his receipt. yeah, he was shocked and got the same teary eyes Katy and I had.He was ecstatic to have simple wire for his friend and a rainbow of plastic sheets with many to spare....
 My point in telling the whole story is that I realized how lucky I am, how thankful I am and how this little guy I helped made a big impact on my so called busy life. He only needed a little bit of money,yet his friend would not have to bend WIRE HANGERS to make her little crafts. He proceeded to get one from his truck to show me....yep,it was what i knew i saw before. As he showed me,he asked me what he should charge.He said he didn't wan't to make money for him,but to give to his friend so she could have some money  and with tears in his eyes he said "Thank you."..... "God Bless you!" with that big smile.
I didn't say you're welcome cause to me he didn't need to Thank me.He deserved that and so much more...I said " not a problem- you tell your friend her hands won't hurt making these next 20 and Thank you for the blessing." He smiled and went back to his truck. He had tears of joy for his little friend and the little supplies which meant the world to him,but I don't know if he realized what he meant to me....
I felt so foolish for all that I want and have. This poor guy with far less than most was such a blessing to someone else when he had so little himself.Oh he just made my day and I had to share how we take for granted ,little things. Those little things that just make people happy.
My mom says that when I help others I am getting stairs to heaven....I know he has more than steps with his oh-so generous heart. In a world where people can be so cruel,malicious and selfish, I am so THANKFUL to have run into this man.He is a reminder that there are still good people.People that help others when they have little themselves. I hoped and prayed that God would look over him and continue to bless him.
I am thankful for this little encounter although I have been crying since he left and as I sit here to type my experience of God working.
That being said....I hope that you have a blessed night and remember that you too,have so much to be thankful for.
here is the little gizmo he wanted to sell for her.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rainy Sunday....

It's raining and I imagine that is because I wanted to wash the car....well, as Young says " the's not a car,but to me it's like coke....You ask what I want....I say get me a coke,but I mean Dr. Pepper....We have learned that every single flippin' time we intend to wash the SUV,truck,car or mow the rains. I am not sure if that is because it is a miracle alone,or if that is a sign we are to chill out and relax. Our days are consumed with work,kids,cleaning house and oh....wait a minute, no more time for things we usually want to do.I have changed that though...a while back. I realized a long time ago, that my house is clean ENOUGH. yeah, you heard it,I said it...."enough". I will not ever have a maid, it doesn't stink and it is not clutter central and we have walking space,not paths it's clean enough. I found I was always griping(for lack of the real word I mean to put here-lol) cause I get off work and go into Cinderella mode once my foot touches my yard. I noticed it and everyone in the house noticed it....Well screw that! I now make sure things are done and I have become more of a multi-tasking girl. Once I accepted that my house is not perfect, will not be perfect - I am less gripy,more happy and doing more fun stuff. I hope that you learn from me and take time to have a house that is clean enough, but a little heart that is happy and able to be creative. I figure if you read my blog you are one of 3 know me, you are nosey or you are a scrapper. Either way, find your happy space so you are not consumed the way I was letting myself be.
Speaking of creative and the home......I just received my Fall Bliss Kit from The Scrapbook Get-Away... looky here...

I have made several layouts, cards and a gift tin already. It's very versatile!
I am hoping to get to making more crafty things here in a bit....gotta get a little grocery shopping done now. Hope you have a blessed day and here is a little inspiration..

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm back.....

O.k I am back in my groove..I was soooo not well Tues. afternoon and Weds. It was major girlie issues and I am more than sure my obsession /addiction to Dr.Pepper has something to do with it as well. What can I say though. I know what it feels like to have an addiction perhaps? I just loveeeee Dr. Pepper. I know I should not drink as much as I do,but I do not drink(occasionally only) or do drugs,eh???

Since I was out of commission, I have a swap due on the 10th,so I had to whip out my binder they are....
well almost.....this is stage one

then I personalized them...

Now, here they are all finished!

These were so fun to make,so I figured I'd show the 3 little steps to make them so you can make some too! Please let me know when you do so I can see yours! :)
Oh, since the box came with 12.....I had 2 extras I just need to finish them up.

 o.k so I just checked out my DT site.....Head on over to here and get your November kit. It comes with plenty to make all sorts of pages! There's also a super duper cute boy album to make for your little dirt digger! So excited for this launch!
Have a blessed day, Lora

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sick Day...

I woke up this a.m automatically knew I felt ill...went to work anyhow.
I came home for lunch ,nibbled at a potatoe and laid down...I tried so hard to fall asleep,but the pain in my head,ears and back was so intense,I just laid here miserable on the sofa. I was finally able to sit up at 7:15(yeah, I was looking cause I was miserable just laying here) Just got on to blog since I could sit up. The migraine is returning with a little fever adn I am ready to call it a night.
Hoping for a better tomorrow. So much to do and now I can't do it.
Nighty night....

Sunday, November 01, 2009

T'was a Happy Halloween!

We had a blast Saturday! We cleaned up alllllll day to get ready for out Halloween party. We live in a neighborhood with only 4 streets.....let me tell you, there were kids for days! We saw so many costumes.Some were run of the mill usual ,while others were outlandishly cool. We had so much food and snacks and great company. Here are some snapshots of the night.....

Then there we were....Young was a carribean pirate, me the wench, Lorin the 80's girl, Jordan a vampire and Cody....well, he was the teenager?

Today I went ahead and took all the decor down and was mentally ready to put up Thanksgiving decor,but the day has flown by. Time change is in effect,so we'll see if that helps me get to bed at a somewhat decent hour.I am such a night owl,I am not sure it will even make a difference. I have tons of stuff to do and no time to do all I want to do.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner already! Hope your Halloween was a happy one ~
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