Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy Day fun!

Today started off with rain pouring,which I'll admit was kinda nice. (Only because I was off mind  you ;P  )If I had to go to work, I may have had a different opinion. lol. Aside from that lovely weather, Lorin was home feeling blue shall I say.... (a little stuffed nose, hot body,felt cold...guess flu like crud) While she slept I ran errands and picked up a long awaited project to complete!

yes, the kind you put by your bed....I had been needing a lamp for my side of the bed because I just don't have one for some reason. I stay up later,yet Young has the lamp.NOT  ;) Anyhow, I was on
that site that is addicting...yes, again, PINTREST! I saw a vintagey (<<------this is Lora vocab ) room with neutral/natural colors and fell in love. While I don't have the wrought iron bed, my bed is nice and it HAS to work. (don't need to be spending money) I would say I've been looking for lamps for a while now,but nothing is what I've found or the price is so ridiculous,that it just isn't happening. That brings me to my next favorite store(in this small town) HOBBY LOBBY HEAVEN  Yes, they have cute lamps there. They,too, are crazy to think I'd pay $90 for a small bedside lamp. like hell. ;)  I only need 2, so that's good huh? well at $180 plus tax, hell. (not this sister) even at 1/2 off if that is going on when I decide that I  NEEEEED them, it's still $90 plus tax. (uh, again, no!)

If you know me, I think I can make anything.LOL. Atleast that is my common saying to anything cute I see..."oh, I can make that". Well no big head here, I like to "play". So if I do the math ( haha, I suck at math by the way) I can do it myself. So let me show you how my theory panned out.....

I bought these items at WAL-MART(yes peeps, wally world) $57

so I used my stampin up stacked flower die on this burlap and cream colored tulle. I stacked 2pcs of tulle flowers over each burlap flower repeating twice to give them some chunkiness. then used my little pearls to spice it up.(just like the ones I initially contemplated buying at HobLob) ;P see bead possibilities...

Here they are completed!
flat and boring
fluffy and rugged (much better)

light off

light on

I love these lamps and the fact that I saved money,got crafty and it took all of 30 minutes.
 Enjoy!  I have a movie to watch.... 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cards Today!

My momma recently had surgery and is pretty much home-bound for the next few weeks....So, she asked for some cards and I figured I'd just come over and we could make them together...LOL! What was I thinking! Instead, I packed a few things and went over, only to see her uncomfortable and not feeling too crafty. So she laid there and I made cards. Funny thing is she said" My Lord, do you take this when you go on your retreat things?". I'm sitting there laughing at her surprise as to what I had brought....I replied " Oh no, I take my room....literally" Then she just looks on and asks" does this stuff just pop into your head" Again, I'm like " yep, wish I could just get paid to sit and do it all day long". Wouldn't that be a treat! Unfortunately, it's just my day off and I got to play for a little bit.

Oh, on another note, I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up bags for her on the way to visit and let me tell you, they have aisles of Valentine's, St.Patty's day and Easter out already. Nothing like pushing the holidays I suppose. I'm gonna make it short because I've got to get  my nails done! thanks for looking!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pintrest....ahhhh, how I love thee.

If you know me well,you know I love new things. My newest and most recent obsession is Pintrest! It is the most amazing,wonderful,super,creative concept I've discovered. I am now an obsessed pinner too. Yes, as if I don't have enough time to do everything else, I sit up late at night (and I mean laaate cause I don't need much sleep) ;) Why do I bring up pintrest, besides the fact it is the coolest? Because I just finished re-doing my laundry room after my pinning spree! So, let's begin.

Our laundry room was funky.the gold,shiny non covered bulb light in there was the first eyesore.It's been there since we moved in. I always thought" oh, I'll get to it when I do the laundry room the way I want, 6 years later..bam! It was first to go. There was one big shelf smack dab in the center of the wall and left so much room to do nothing. I have so many colors I like I began to gravitate to purple.Long after searching for the right purple, it never happened. They were too  light, too bright, too dark,too bold....(and I am a color lover too,but it just wasn't happening) My next thought was maybe green.I like lime green and my sisters is awesome...but no, a green will most likely go in the house elsewhere this year.Then I found it! here it is....finally,after 6years! LOL Aqua Bay found at Lowe's( another place I am so very fond of ;)

Here is how it went....

Texture Drying( the gray spots are still damp)

Cutting in all over 

ugly gold without cover for 6 yrs. lol.

new bronze, with cover LOL!

same space all nice
before with no shelves

The pics above are the same spot. Can you believe it? I hate clutter,but all that stuff had no place to go. Paint does wonders, don't ya agree? See the stuff hanging on the door? I'll get to that later....but it bugs me. 
still need to put quarter round and peel that sticky off the left corner. 
 I went ahead and took all my totes and moved them to put this clear shoe organizer to hold my cupcake sprinkles and toppers. I love it! Genius I thought since we like to bake up in here! And of course, I themed each row according to how the holidays fall. I thought it would be wonderful and it is. So, with a quick glance, I know what sprinkles I need to get. A girl has to be prepared! ;)
 Here's a close up of my Easter row, which could also be baby's , mother's day and so on....
 and here is the final look......I still need a little rug, a trash can in the middle of washer/dryer, a switch plate cover to come in (minor things) but I love it. The peacock feathers are another pintrest idea. I wanted something and to keep it simple so who doesn't love peacocks! (of course I like change so in a year IF I tire of them, I can peel them off and replace with another design...right?
Bulbs in bowl ;)
feather close-up

cute sign I found at Hobby Lobby. Just add ribbon and bling!

 dryer sheets in glass jar ( I love to see things)

view from the kitchen :) 

Thanks for checking my reno out. I hope after all this that I want to do laundry. LOL!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Grind...

Well, it was a super busy year end in my home. Thanksgiving was a flask, our son, Cody,came home for Christmas break, Christmas came and flew by and now....well, here we are for a New Year!

Hello 2012! I have realized (actually a long time ago) that I want to play. I just want to stay home(not work) and play all day long. I don't really get tired, so sleep is not necessary and that makes me a perfect candidate to
go to work for a craft company 24/7. LOL! Isn't that all our dream? (if not, then...o.k) So, this new year brings lots of new, lots of do, lots of crafts, lots of glue.( like my rhyme? ..that just happened to work out that way)
I have got plans...Plans to make everything I have in my craft closet, everything I see and everything I refuse to pay for. Yep, I'm a do'er.I'd much rather make things on my own. Now, that is most things except for one that I recently decided against....haha! yes, there is something I will not try. Know what it is? Tiling. I "thought" I would tile my kitchen counters myself, but nope....not happening. Aside from my brain missing it's mathematical element, I suck at math in any area(especially measuring) aside from addition,subtraction,multiplication and geometry. But that is a whole other post in itself, so I will spare you.

Since Cody is back in school as of's time for momma to get back to crafting and spring purging and everything else I like to juggle around at once. So, for my first New Year project, it will be re-decorating my laundry room. I have to start small because I like to bounce from project to project and we will just be taking this room by room(like that show,but not old fashioned-heehee) I'll post pics as soon as I am done,but my inspiration was found HERE!

Happy crafting as this New Year gets in gear,

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