Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Grind...

Well, it was a super busy year end in my home. Thanksgiving was a flask, our son, Cody,came home for Christmas break, Christmas came and flew by and now....well, here we are for a New Year!

Hello 2012! I have realized (actually a long time ago) that I want to play. I just want to stay home(not work) and play all day long. I don't really get tired, so sleep is not necessary and that makes me a perfect candidate to
go to work for a craft company 24/7. LOL! Isn't that all our dream? (if not, then...o.k) So, this new year brings lots of new, lots of do, lots of crafts, lots of glue.( like my rhyme? ..that just happened to work out that way)
I have got plans...Plans to make everything I have in my craft closet, everything I see and everything I refuse to pay for. Yep, I'm a do'er.I'd much rather make things on my own. Now, that is most things except for one that I recently decided against....haha! yes, there is something I will not try. Know what it is? Tiling. I "thought" I would tile my kitchen counters myself, but nope....not happening. Aside from my brain missing it's mathematical element, I suck at math in any area(especially measuring) aside from addition,subtraction,multiplication and geometry. But that is a whole other post in itself, so I will spare you.

Since Cody is back in school as of's time for momma to get back to crafting and spring purging and everything else I like to juggle around at once. So, for my first New Year project, it will be re-decorating my laundry room. I have to start small because I like to bounce from project to project and we will just be taking this room by room(like that show,but not old fashioned-heehee) I'll post pics as soon as I am done,but my inspiration was found HERE!

Happy crafting as this New Year gets in gear,


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