Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cards Today!

My momma recently had surgery and is pretty much home-bound for the next few weeks....So, she asked for some cards and I figured I'd just come over and we could make them together...LOL! What was I thinking! Instead, I packed a few things and went over, only to see her uncomfortable and not feeling too crafty. So she laid there and I made cards. Funny thing is she said" My Lord, do you take this when you go on your retreat things?". I'm sitting there laughing at her surprise as to what I had brought....I replied " Oh no, I take my room....literally" Then she just looks on and asks" does this stuff just pop into your head" Again, I'm like " yep, wish I could just get paid to sit and do it all day long". Wouldn't that be a treat! Unfortunately, it's just my day off and I got to play for a little bit.

Oh, on another note, I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up bags for her on the way to visit and let me tell you, they have aisles of Valentine's, St.Patty's day and Easter out already. Nothing like pushing the holidays I suppose. I'm gonna make it short because I've got to get  my nails done! thanks for looking!

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