Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy Day fun!

Today started off with rain pouring,which I'll admit was kinda nice. (Only because I was off mind  you ;P  )If I had to go to work, I may have had a different opinion. lol. Aside from that lovely weather, Lorin was home feeling blue shall I say.... (a little stuffed nose, hot body,felt cold...guess flu like crud) While she slept I ran errands and picked up a long awaited project to complete!

yes, the kind you put by your bed....I had been needing a lamp for my side of the bed because I just don't have one for some reason. I stay up later,yet Young has the lamp.NOT  ;) Anyhow, I was on
that site that is addicting...yes, again, PINTREST! I saw a vintagey (<<------this is Lora vocab ) room with neutral/natural colors and fell in love. While I don't have the wrought iron bed, my bed is nice and it HAS to work. (don't need to be spending money) I would say I've been looking for lamps for a while now,but nothing is what I've found or the price is so ridiculous,that it just isn't happening. That brings me to my next favorite store(in this small town) HOBBY LOBBY HEAVEN  Yes, they have cute lamps there. They,too, are crazy to think I'd pay $90 for a small bedside lamp. like hell. ;)  I only need 2, so that's good huh? well at $180 plus tax, hell. (not this sister) even at 1/2 off if that is going on when I decide that I  NEEEEED them, it's still $90 plus tax. (uh, again, no!)

If you know me, I think I can make anything.LOL. Atleast that is my common saying to anything cute I see..."oh, I can make that". Well no big head here, I like to "play". So if I do the math ( haha, I suck at math by the way) I can do it myself. So let me show you how my theory panned out.....

I bought these items at WAL-MART(yes peeps, wally world) $57

so I used my stampin up stacked flower die on this burlap and cream colored tulle. I stacked 2pcs of tulle flowers over each burlap flower repeating twice to give them some chunkiness. then used my little pearls to spice it up.(just like the ones I initially contemplated buying at HobLob) ;P see bead possibilities...

Here they are completed!
flat and boring
fluffy and rugged (much better)

light off

light on

I love these lamps and the fact that I saved money,got crafty and it took all of 30 minutes.
 Enjoy!  I have a movie to watch.... 

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~Tori ~ said...

So pretty. Love it xo Tori SX4

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