Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday blues....

I should so be in bed and asleep,but I'm not. I have missed some blog days so here is a catch up.

The weekend was good. We cleaned and hung out. I got hubs to put new garage door framing. You know the ones you see that have the bottoms missing or all nasty and falling apart. ( looks like this....)

yep. got it all pretty now. I just have to have decent weather and paint to finish it up. ;) so happy. It was an eye sore even though it wasn't as bad as the picture above. That was the first of many projects. Of course that was a $15 fix and then.....our disposal goes ka-plunk! I think that just figures. One thing fixed so naturally one thing breaks? Darn the luck.

On to the Monday I've had. My honey left for training and I end up with the baby of the family spiking a fever. Needless to say I stayed home with her only to find myself doing laundry, tending to her and checking on her which left little time for anything else. I am almost done with laundry finally. She perked up around 2:30 and then began to heat back up around 5..poor thing.  :(

I managed to make a card last night for HeroArts Inspiration , but come to find out my pearls came off the body and one pearl came off the die cut, but I'll fix that tomorrow. Here is the card I came up with, but I didn't use a Hero Art stamp so I didn't bother to post it. ( I know, real smart) heehee.

O.k off to bed ....

Lora ~

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