Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Hoppin' Monday!

Today was a busy bee day for me! Aside from being a Monday- I was busy at work, busy after work and just busy with laundry, kids and catching up. Here it is almost midnight again and I am not too tired. Of course that could be cause I dozed off on the sofa earlier.....(no drool though, so I must have not been too sleepy?) LOL. It's funny how drool can be used to determine your tiredness. heehee!

So, first things first.Happy Monday! I have submitted my entry for Hero Arts Contest which is twice this month. Hoping to win! There are so many entries I might not have a chance but it's so worth a shot huh? I think so too! Tomorrow I am hoping to post all my cards I made over the weekend . I was a busy bee again! Well off to bed now so I won't wake up late.

oh wait here's my entry. let me know what you think

Nite bed bugs,


Berenice R. said...

So nice card! Thanks for sharing :)

CC said...

cute love it!

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