Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year! ................Welcome 2011! .........A New Year for Memories!

Well, it's come again. A brand spankin' new year and I'm still here! (yippee!, shall I say?)     ;)    Well, today marks day 1 of many things.

Day 1 of a new year( a given)
Day 1 of changing spending habits
Day 1 of bloggin' daily
Day 1 of drinking less soda
Day 1 of making this one butt kickin' year!

Ahhh, the joys of a new year! On that note, this is my day 1 (see, already one off the list) I should be asleep,but I can't sleep cause I'm not too sleepy. However, I am not feeling to great either. Don't know what I ate,but just stomach pains.(maybe I didn't eat much is the problem?)

I am so thankful to be here and have my precious family! I hope that you(my friends) will have an equally as cool year this 2011! I must go to bed cause my honey is taking me to Michael's and Archivers tomorrow! yaay! (yes, you think ugh....poor thing, Day 1 of spending habits....but oh no my pretty- I have giftcards!)

Have a splendid day friends,


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