Monday, November 08, 2010

Library Books.....

Oh yes! You can go to jail for a damn library book and overdue fines...I was supposed to be off.Off to unwind from a busy weekend.Off to get my home in order( clean clothes, undies, bathrooms cleaned...basically to be Cinderella, which sounds so much better than my day today ;) 
This started with my needing to run errands and take care of things I needed to do ,but hadn't had a chance to get to. I checked the mail, went on to pay a library fine that was $3.05 ( yes, three american dollars and 5 cents..1 freakin' nickle) So, dreading the trek downtown and never having cash on me- I got the cash and went downtown.I'm ready to pay and start my day......WHATEVER!
The lady asked me for$42.89.....huh? I looked lost....hmmmm. " NO, I called a week or so ago and it was $3.05... I was told to just swing by and pay it when I got a chance" today I swung by only to be caught like felt on velcro! arg! She then proceeds to pull out a list of fines,and a book that is apparently not returned, oh and a certified letter receipt signed by yours truly....our son!
So I write her a check and she said" go straight to municipal court and I'll fax this over to them" in the suv...grunt....wait in a long ol line.....
Finally, I am up and nothing....yet wait, it's in your name for your have a court date in December, yep just come then.

 LIKE HELL! I never received the certified copy and I did get a letter and call....... So I wait for the judge....Mind you, it's only 12:15 p.m. I return at 1:30 to wait and see creepy, loud,obnoxious people who have no clue how to dress for court.NOT even the word decent came to mind. I was actually scared. I've never ever been to court on my own account, yet these people were there like frequent fliers. I sat QUIETLY listening to people laugh about their PI tickets, one who had several. Then behind me was a mother who was a blubbering idiot coming up with excuses for the judge as to why " tommy" (not his real name ) didn't go to anger mgmt. classes...what? This person is a parent and scheming with her kid? WTF is all that ran thru my mind.
Finally at 4:05 I heard my name called....I think my eyes bulged out. I was soooooooo freakin' scared. not a laugh or giggle out of me. I felt like a criminal. I basically said the truth and just happened to cross paths with my letter...I just wanted to pay the least amount and get the hell out of there.
I paid.
I left.
......and it wasn't in handcuffs.LOL

Long story your kids overdue fines and make them find the damn books they check out cause trust me, you don't want to spend your lovely day off like this.....12:15-4:05p.m for something that seemed so petty.

(still a ) Happy Monday! ( it could always be worse, que no?)  ;)

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