Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Had a great weekend! Friday cleaned up house and got it ready to be gone...Saturday we got up early and headed to Galveston to see kids grandpa was such a great visit. We ate a delicious dinner with tons of sides and snacks, which made for a full belly. It was so great to spend time together since we don't live too too close. The drive was nice as it usually is and the kids recognize at what point we are very close to grandpa's house every single time. I think they know we're right there and they wake up like clock work. I've learned not to mention ahead of time when we are going cause then it could be weeks or months and that's all we'll hear about UNTIL  we get in the car to go and that my friend,is a long time to hear our parrot daughters!
The trip back home was nice and somewhat calm....We saw the neatest way on the way home....As we came back on Hwy 6, Missouri City,Tx, we saw (about 2 miles straight) people lined up holding signs that were againsta was the neatest thing. I was overwhelmed with how when people come together they can make such a big impact! It was different people , different backgrounds,different religions,different in sooo many ways,but they all shared one strong thought! Anyhow, once we got past that it was" Build-a-bear" pleaaaaseeeeeee. (you know what happened next..) :) Anyhow, i am thankful for family,friends,love and life in general! Hope you have a happy week -Here are pics for today!

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