Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am sooo delighted,ecstatic,super fabulous!
I am sooo happy to announce that I was chosen to be a Designer for The Scrapbook get away! It's my first as a Designer,so I am so happy to see how it goes and all it entails. So, watch out and check the store for cool kits just might get hooked! There are soooo many nice and friendly ladies on the site that it's very pleasant and I know if you're a scrapbooker,you'll enjoy it truly! I encourage you all to go and join the forum so you can do the challenges...they totally ROCK! I have done most of them and plan to finish up by month end.
The weather today has been beautiful! Not too cold or hot and just great. We went ahead and cleaned up the storage shed and the garage , which is great cause that's where I create.....If it has to be messy.......I wanna make the mess.HA! Here is my page for my 10/20 Challenge to write minimum 100 words about someone in family,but not our own kids. I did mine on my honey and just how lucky I am to have him.
Sleep tight!

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