Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back Home and busy....

Went to a great retreat weekend in East Bernard...loved it totally! Same group of friends cutting up and getting crafty! It was a total blast.
Here I am with my little Mikearita(which isn't too bad)I was sooo craftin' it up. We managed to make in the pool for a good 20 minutes before dinner,which was also great. This is my 3rd retreat and by far the best. I'm hoping to make it to another,but not until next March. Holidays creepin' up and in no time we'll be chiming in a New Year! Gosh b darn, time flies when you aren't lookin'.

As of late, I have applied to make it on a Design Team at The Scrapbook Get-Away and hope to be chosen....we'll just have to wait and see. I love creating so I figured why not try and just think.....I could share my creative thoughts! woo hoo! o.k , let ya know when they decide...Kids and Hubby are great- getting ready for our Halloween Costume Party....Young and I will match this year.(So it's like a date? hee hee) Our neighborhood gets jam packed with goblins,so we just do burgers,hot dogs and snacks in the front and let the kids have at it with passerbys and friends...This makes for a fun and safe time! Gettin' off early tomorrow and hoping to clean up my craft garage so I can atleast make something....here are pics from my retreat...ahhhh so relaxing. ( the group and then my crazy friend Terri)

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