Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November.....already? ! ! !

It is hard to believe in a few hours it will be Halloween! 

I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays. Now, I don't care for the gory,scary version,but the fun,festive and silly one. As a kid, I loved dressing up for it and actually, I still do. The only bummer thing is that I'm simply just not ready this year. I feel like my year has been lagging in general and well, frankly, it throws me off kilter. So, like the previous months and holidays....I have things, but just now where or how I wanted them to be by now. (do you get this way ever?just hoping I'm not the only one )
That being said, I don't even have a costume and I am not so fond of do overs....so we'll see if I can come up with something. The girls are going with cave woman(Lorin) and Jake from adventure Time (Jordan). Cody, well, he is in Waco at college and not so much into the dress up that we girls love!

Let me see if there is something on this computer that I have made recently. I have tons to do and make so I'm calling it a night.

I looked and nothing. Guess I have more to do than I thought.

Nite.  ;)

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