Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cards for the Troops!

So.....I love to help wherever I can, whenever I can and well.....a week or so ago I saw a link on my Facebook and I got to thinking...It was for the troops in Afghanistan...They needed toiletries and such....well a little further digging and I noticed they needed cards! I thought this makes total sense....Imagine the men and women, moms, dads,kids,siblings,aunts,uncles, you name it, that are there and not here like me: safe,going and doing and SAFE!

Yeah, you guessed it.......

I don't have room really to stockpile toiletries and do an actual drive, so I lingered with what I COULD DO! (You can always do something....little things matter!) I am a crafty kinda girl and I have realized that no I don't have time for the gazillion things I want to do all the time as my mind races with ideas, BUT like I said, I am crafty! So, I wanted to make some cards, send a few and make some people happy,but then I realized why not make it super fabulous?

That being said, I have decided to host a card drive instead. I can whip out greeting cards ...NO PROBLEM!  If I can atleast send out 100 of these little greeting card boxes with an array of cards to the troops, that would be GREAT! I plan to host a card weekend in my kitchen for my crafty friends who would like to be a part of this.

YOU can help out by

1.  mailing me cards that are handmade and a regular A2 size with an envelope please.
( i'm picky about size because presentation is important and they have to work with what is in my head!     also NO GLITTER )

MAIL TO: Lora Buehrig
                   112 Palomino Ln.
                   Victoria,Texas 77904

2. Donate on my blog to help make it happen.
(I can use any kind of help because I want this to be BIG. 100 happy solidiers is a 100 happy soldiers. Any donation will be recorded and used for the following and posted here on my blog so you can keep up  : paper,ink,postage stamps,ribbon,pens,tape,glue,glue,tape stamps, packaging name it, I'll use it, but it does add up either way....)

I will collect and create cards for our heroes until last day in September..The holidays are coming and this will be just perfect!

So, join me in this venture! If you aren't a crafter, donate, skip a starbucks and make a soldier happy!

 I hope you will be as excited as I am. I am hoping to get 100 packages done but the more the merrier in any instance!

God Bless you and Our Troops!

Lora ~ 

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