Sunday, July 28, 2013


As I mentioned  our (laura,kristin and  I) trip to Utah for Stampin'Up! Convention, we happened to ask a guy for directions to a good our surprise he asked that we follow him to where he was going to meet up with friends @ Red Rock a block away so we went on....(he seemed normal ) chit chatting along the way he asked where we were from and talked about our day,work and our visit to Utah. Much to our surprise he had been to Austin Texas (2 hours  from our home) and mentioned texas being friendly. (Yes please. Texas is the BEST state!) 😘

Anyhow upon our arrival he asked the hostess to take care of us and mentioned we were from Texas. And she did ......we had a great waiter and delicious food! Oh and the drinks....the drinks were great! ( jack Mormon and flirtini) oh! And let me mention I could have parked my tail there and kept drinking. 

So we ate and drank and giggled about our visit to Utah, what we'd been seeing,doing and just relaxed....mind you we had not had much sleep but who cares, that's what you do on trips! Well, as I happened to bring up the guy who was nice and led us to our lunch place....he walked up and said he'd like to return the Texas hospitality and treat us to lunch on him. Wow! Our bill was well over a hundred bucks and that was so nice and unexpected of a stranger we've  just met a whole hour ago...but nice nonetheless! He then offered to leave us tickets to the Bees game ,which was oh so tempting. But sorry to say we could t make it. We had convention to get back to and you would have it there just wasn't enough time to take in all of Utah with our schedule! 

When I got home I just had to make him a card of thanks. It's important to be thankful so here it is: our lunch drinks and card! 

Salt Lake City,Utah is beautiful by the way! I highly recommend it! 

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