Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stampin' Up Convention 2013

Where do I begin? Some girlfriends and I went to Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and not only was it a blast, it was just beautiful! I am so wanting to make a trip back with my honey. Here are some snapshots in no particular order. I have over 200 pics I think and that's not including my girlfriend's shots, so here ya go!

The nice ride to Utah....ahhhhhh..... love Southwest Airlines

Kristin, Laura and ME! hello.....

ONE of their beautiful outdoor die for! 

nifty signs at every corner of the street...promoting safety if super cute!

Kristin decided to get hair done at Lunatic Fringe...

Walker Center....

their transit train car...super nice too! everything just seemed so clean

I forgot what this was ....Devereux? I think..

this cute litte fella got the memo on the theme this year to BE the difference....
(see BEE inset to the left corner of basket)

look at all the people getting here.....5800 women and some men....fabulous!

Laura and I on way to the Stampin' Up site in Riverton....

ok so this is just a tiny bit of pics.....I'll post more as I get myself in order....maybe tomorrow!


Lora ~ 

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